Poker night steam achievements

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Poker Night Steam Achievements

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Poker night at the inventory TF2 items!


December 24, at 5: April 12, at Triple Through - Win a pot with 2 or more opponents when you are all in. You can download the new version of Steam Achievement Manager on its page.

A full house is a pair of cards and a three of a kind. A pat hand is when you obtain a hand better than a high card after the flop appears. Tools This entry was posted on Friday, July 1st, at 4: Rushing - Win three straight pots.


I tried to add games to SAM but is says I need an ID for the game the game is poker night at the inventory your help is much appreciated.

I Tournament Do That - Win a tournament.

March 27, at Only two all-in victories in a row is necessary. July 31, at I want Poker Night at the Inventory but i do not own it, any way you could bypass it in the next updates maybe?

Global Gameplay Stats

July 11, at It helped me get all tf2 achievement hats. Thanks for making this program surveyless too.

September 8, at 6: A flush is five cards all of the same suit. Felt up - Purchase a felt.

July 31, at 9: Unlock all the Things - Unlock all decks, felts and chips. April 17, at 3: Deck the Halls - Purchase a deck.

Rushing - Win three straight pots. IF you can please send to luci2k yahoo. A flush is five cards all of the same suit.

But can i add games i dont have? If both players have the same high card, the next highest card is considered and so forth until the end is reached with the possibility that both players have the exact same hand instead.

Thanks ahead of time and hope this info eases the minds of some potential Steam Achievement Manager users. The 12 days of Christmas - Win 12 or more hands. Just trying to do my part.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Did you even read the threads above your post to see if anyone had already notified him?

Slow Play - Check a pat hand. Straight Flush - Win a hand with a straight flush.

July 21, at Down to the Green - Win consecutive all-ins. Rags to Riches - Win a showdown with just a high card.

But i cant find the games id? March 5, at I really do appreciate your program. Or do you have it? August 2, at 7: I saw the post by Bukz relating to http: Kicker Trouble - Win a showdown when you both have the same hand, and you have the better kicker.

August 15, at 1: Retrieved from " http: November 11, at Thank you, Have a nice day. If another player in the pot has the exact same hand as you which would knock out the character with the item, when the pot is split you will not receive the special item.

July 15, at 8: August 15, at 6: April 4, at 2:

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